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Hand Grenade Kills 6 Children in Pakistan

A hand grenade killed six children Sunday who found it while playing in a field in northwestern Pakistan, police said.

The dead girl and five boys belong to two families displaced from a nearby tribal region, Orakzai, said Mian Iftikhar, the police chief of Hangu where the incident took place.

The region lies near restive areas on the Afghan border that are home to Pakistani and al-Qaida-linked foreign Islamic militants. The military has carried out offensives recently in the tribal areas.

The violence has displaced many civilians, who sought shelter in refugee camps or with relatives. Last week, thousands fled one tribal area, North Waziristan, after the Pakistani air force carried out airstrikes there. The strikes were a reaction to the latest wave of suicide attacks and bombings by the Pakistani Taliban and their affiliates across the country, which have killed more than 100 people this month.

Their targets include two attacks against the Pakistani army, killing 34 soldiers.

Pakistani Taliban also have been attacking politicians, police, civilians, government officials and minority Shiite Muslims, who Sunni militant groups see as heretics.

The Islamic militants want to overthrow the Pakistani government to enforce their own harsh brand of Islamic Shariah law. Civilians in the Pakistan’s lawless tribal regions have been a direct victim of the fighting.

Earlier this month, a 17-year-old schoolboy died in Hangu when he stopped a suicide bomber targeting his school.

Pakistanis are pressuring the civilian government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to tackle the issue of militancy aggressively. Sharif long has supported a policy of negotiating with militants.

By HUSSAIN AFZAL Associated Press

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Names Of Children Killed By American Drones.

We must help stop this.

Name | Age | Gender
Noor Aziz | 8 | male
Abdul Wasit | 17 | male
Noor Syed | 8 | male
Wajid Noor | 9 | male
Syed Wali Shah | 7 | male
Ayeesha | 3 | female
Qari Alamzeb | 14| male
Shoaib | 8 | male
Hayatullah KhaMohammad | 16 | male

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kids from the mountain 


kids from the mountain 

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Pakistani boy creates O-Level record

ISLAMABAD: While the country is entangled in yet another wave of terrorism, good news has come from a 9-year old boy who has passed O-Level examination of the Cambridge University. He is perhaps the only child in the world to have passed all the science subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics) of O-levels at the age of 9.

Rai Haris Manzoor, born on 16th August 2004, left his school in 2012 only to be taught at home by his parents to achieve the unachievable target i.e. passing the O-levels exam (11 year of study). Interestingly, Haris has a twin brother who is in grade 3 at a private School in Rawalpindi.

Previously, a girl Sitara of Chinoit passed three Science subjects of A-levels at the age of eleven years while she had also passed the paper of O-levels Chemistry at the age of 9.

There are also many examples of bright students who passed one or two papers of O or A levels at the age of nine but Haris stands outstanding among them as he has passed all the subjects of O-levels at the age of 9.Haris wants to become a barrister, which is now only four years away. If he makes it in bar at law as well, he could be the youngest lawyer the world would ever produce.

Rai Manzoor Nasir, Haris’s father, while talking to The News said that Haris had passed O Level examination, with science subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics, from the University of Cambridge, UK at the age of nine years and his candidate No. is 344 and examination centre is British Council Islamabad (centre No. PK100).

The proud father said that Haris studied in private school wherefrom he passed four classes in 2012. Afterwards, he did not go to any school and his parents taught him at home. Normal age for passing the O level is 17 or 18 years. Rai Manzoor said that his son completed Nazra Quran-e-Majeed and also memorised Para No. 30 at the age of five.

“We knew Haris could pass O-levels being extraordinary intelligent that is why we taught him at home and he has made us proud today”, the jubilant father said. He added that he would send his son abroad to pursue his law course.

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Malala hopes to earn prize of seeing ‘every child’ go to school

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Young girls enjoy their evening tea on top of a wall outside their squatter colony in F-6
The Islamabad You Don’t See - Express Tribune


Young girls enjoy their evening tea on top of a wall outside their squatter colony in F-6

The Islamabad You Don’t See - Express Tribune

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Ricochet (Malala’s Song) by Samantha Anne 

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Boy who died foiling school bombing awarded Pakistan’s Star of Bravery

ISLAMABAD—Pakistan’s prime minister announced Friday that a teenage boy who sacrificed his life to stop a suicide bomber who wanted to attack his school should be honoured with the nation’s highest civil award of bravery.

Pakistani students sit next to a picture of 17-year-old classmate Aitzaz Hasan, who residents and police say died this week while trying to stop a suicide bomber who was targeting his school in a remote village in Hangu, Pakistan.

Aitzaz Hasan, 17, died Monday in a remote village in Hangu, a district in northwest Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Pakistanis have praised the boy since his teacher told police that he saw Hasan chasing the bomber, who detonated his explosives, killing the teen.

On Friday, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif praised the boy in a statement, saying his “brave act saved the lives of hundreds of students and established a sterling example of gallantry and patriotism.” Sharif advised President Mamnoon Hussain to approve the conferment of Pakistan’s Star of Bravery to Hasan, the statement said.

The award is given by the president on the advice of the prime minister.

On Friday, Hasan’s teacher Azmat Ali told AP Television News that the boy “played a significant role while stopping the suicide bomber. Our school is really proud of him.”

He remembered Hasan as a brave, sincere and an obedient student.

Classmate Naseeb Ali also praised Hasan, saying he was a very bold and kind boy.

“We felt sorry after losing him but we are proud of being his friends,” Ali said.

The area where Hasan lived is home to many members of a minority Shiite Muslim sect who have often been killed by militants who view them as heretics.

Pakistan has witnessed scores of suicide bombings in recent years.

Meanwhile Friday, gunmen killed two workers at the shrine of Ghazi Shah Baba in the northwestern city of Mardan in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, local police official Iqbal Khan said. Mardan lies 50 kilometres east of the northwestern city of Peshawar.

No one claimed responsibility for the attack, but the Pakistani Taliban, who follow a strict interpretation of Islam, have in recent years targeted shrines, which they consider to be sacrilegious. Last week, militants killed six people at the shrine of a Sufi saint in the port city of Karachi.

Khan said an investigating is underway to determine whether the two attacks are connected.

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Pakistani Boy Dies While Saving School From Suicide Bomber |

Aitazaz Hassan Bangash and his cousin Musadiq Ali Bangash were on their way to Ibrahimzai School in a Shia dominated area of northern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province on Monday, when a man raised their suspicions by asking them for directions while clad in school uniform.

“The other students backed off, but Aitazaz challenged the bomber and tried to catch him,” Musadiq told CNN. “During the scuffle, the bomber panicked and detonated his bomb.” Both died and two others were injured. Nearly 2,000 students were gathered for morning assembly at the time.

Pakistanis have been venting their outrage at Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LEJ), the militant group that has claimed responsibility for the attack, and calling for the nation’s highest military award for Aitazaz.

Aitazaz is survived by his parents and two sisters. His father, Mujahid Ali, has returned from his work in the United Arab Emirates not to mourn his son’s death, he told the Express Tribune, but to celebrate his life.

“My son made his mother cry, but saved hundreds of mothers from crying for their children.”


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